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Drum Line

The SC Drum Line is made up of marching battery instruments and non-marching front ensemble instruments. Members who wish to march perform on instruments such as bass, snare, and tenor drums.

During the first semester the drum line is a part of the Triton Marching Alliance which competes in the California State Band Championships circuit. During 2nd semester the drum line breaks off to compete in the Southern California Percussion Alliance.

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Here is the full video of the 2022 Winter Drum Line show entitled Hypnitic. The group is under the direction of percussion instructor and music arranger, Jeff Ramos and front ensemble coach, Julian Chavez.

Be A Part Of The Percussion Section

Workshops and placements are designed to not only give students the opportunity to try new instruments but they are set up to place students in the best position to make the group as a whole competitive. During workshops students are asked to perform on a wide variety of excersices and to try out different instruments. Our percussion instructors will give one on one guidance during this time. Students are asked to have an open mind during the process.


Workshops/placements for the 1st semester Marching Band portion typically take place in May. Please keep on eye out for announcements either at the High School level or at the Middle School level from your music teacher.


for the 2023-2024 Season

Workshops are designed to train all members, new and returning, new basics, stretches, routine and show themes. Students will need to plan to attend all 4 workshop sessions. Please let our coach, Mr. Ramos, know if you plan to miss any workshop dates. You can also let Mr. Soto know

Please report to the music room 700 (next to the pool) to get started each day. 4:30pm-6:30pm

May 9th

May 11th

May 16th

May 18th


Percussion Resources

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It all starts here. From gripping to balance point to matched grip to traditional grip,

The basics but a must. Learn what to look out for

In ins and outs of a few types of mallet grips such as the "Stevens Grip"

A quick guide for using a pair of concert cymbals

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A guide for playing on a suspended cymbal

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