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Jazz Band

Jazz Band is available only to students who play in the band/orchestra during the day. The Jazz Band is a high expectation, high output class that meets during 7th period and has several performances throughout the year. The focus is to introduce students to the basic techniques of the jazz idiom. As this is a smaller ensemble, members are held to a higher level of performance, participation, and behavior. The Jazz Band may perform at school assemblies, evening concerts throughout the year, basketball games and is also available to perform at gigs around town.

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Jazz Resources

Jazz music is best learned through listening.

Please use the following resources to as a start to your jazz education.

This page takes you through the most influential jazz musicians with a short description and audio sample.

10 great ways to learn jazz

A short explanation of Jazz

Amazing PDFs for drummers. Make sure you know how to set-up the band with "big band set-ups"

A few easy tips for soloist

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Concerts and gigs are professional events. As a result, every student is required to be in the proper band uniform for all performances. Any student not wearing the uniform at the time of a performance will not be permitted to participate in that performance. 

Jazz Attire

Jazz Band Black SHOES (NO sneakers)

Tall All Black Socks  

Black Pants (NO stripes)

Black Button Down Jazz Shirt (LONG sleeves)

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