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Triton Marching Alliance

San Clemente High School’s Triton Marching Alliance (TMA) is a group made up of 5 elements; woodwinds, brass, marching battery, front ensemble, and the color guard.  This competitive group travels to various field tournaments in Southern California, participates in community parades and supports the varsity cheer and football team at home and away games.

Use this form to sign up for Marching Band. Don't worry if your school schedule does not have Marching Band on in yet. Mr. Soto will update our Counselors with a roster.

2023 Triton Marching Alliance Schedule


Triton Marching Alliance student earns all of their physical education credit (20 units) with 4 semesters of the marching band class, 4 years total. They also earn fine arts and elective credits (40 units) by being a part of a core music class, i.e. Concert Band, one of our Orchestras or Wind Ensemble.  We have the top students in our music program. They earn thousands of dollars in college scholarships each year.  Over the past few years, we have had dozens of valedictorians, Scholar of Scholars, and even Triton of the Year come out of this instrumental music program!



Music for the Triton Marching Alliance field show is learned and rehearsed during the school day music class (Concert Band or Wind Ensemble), drill and routine is learned and rehearsed during the marching band class which meets 7th period.


A typical Fall schedule looks like this:

Monday 3:30-5:30 - Percussion Students

Tuesday 5:00-9:00 - All members

Wednesday - No Class

Thursday 3:30-5:30 - Winds and Color Guard members

Friday 3:30-5:30 - All members 

Marching Band season ends right before we go off to Thanksgiving break.


NOTE: Schedule for the 2023/2024 season will be posted the week of April 17

Performances are mandatory in order for the whole team to succeed.  A field show is designed so that EVERYONE counts.  If a student is absent, the missing “hole” is apparent and affects the entire show on a drill/routine and music standpoint.  Times for field shows are announced about 1 weeks before the event.  We ask that our members clear up the whole day due to timing changes, pre-show rehearsals, and award ceremonies. We travel as a team to and from events.

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