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Color Guard

Color Guard is a team of performers who perform choreographed dances and routines with flags, rifles (non-functional), sabres (no edge), and props, to complement, interpret, and enhance the music performed by the Marching Band.

The Color Guard performs during the Fall season as part of the Triton Marching alliance Marching Band.

Beginning in December, the Color Guard ensemble continues through the winter as a competitive, indoor Winter Guard unit. Winter Guard performs independently from other ensembles in the program as part of the Winter Guard Association Southern California (WGASC).

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1st Semester the Color Guard holds it's classes:

Tuesdays - 5:00pm-9:00pm (with the entire Marching Band)

Thursdays - 3:30pm-6:00pm (Color Guard Only)

Fridays - 3:30pm-5:30pm (with the entire Marching Band)

The Color Guard is a part of the Triton Marching Alliance for this semester and will go to all the same competitions, football games and parades. See the main TMA schedule!

2nd Semester the Color Guard holds it's classes:



for the 2023-2024 Season

Workshops are designed to train all members, new and returning, new basics, stretches, routine and show themes. Students will need to plan to attend all 4 workshop sessions. Please let our coach, Mr. McCabe, know if you plan to miss any workshop dates. You can also let Mr. Soto know

Please report to the music room 700 (next to the pool) to get started each day. 4pm-7pm

May 9th

May 11th

May 16th

May 18th



Full video of the 2022 Winter Color Guard show directed by guard instructor Mr. Christian McCabe. The show received a 4th place finish at the WGASC Championships event in 2022

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